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What is a rebate?

A rebate is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund on what has already been paid or contributed. It is a type of sales promotion that merchants use primarily as incentives or supplements to product sales. 

Waxa is one of such platforms that provides rebates to members who surf and buy through our website to Taobao/Tmall. When you shop at Taobao/Tmall via our website, the merchants pay us a commission. Instead of keeping this commission, we pass an amount of the commission to you as rebates. This commission comes from the merchants' advertising and customer acquisition budgets. 

The rebate amount for each item ranges from 10-50% of the item sales price (after coupon or discount if any). Rebates are credited to member's account in the form of Coins. The equivalent ratio of Coins is 1:1 RMB and redeemable upon member request which is converted to SGD based on daily foreign exchange rates upon redemption.

What is a coupon?

A coupon entitles the member to a discount off a particular item. It is one of the best promotional tools that merchants used as a further incentive to members. Coupon may be offered on a particular item or a combination of items which require a minimum spend value in order to be utilized, that is, the member may combine multiple items to meet the minimum spend value and enjoy an overall higher discount.

Besides offering coupons, some merchants may also provide additional rebates to the member which then adds to the total savings enjoyed when the member shops via our website.

What is 9.9?

9.9 means that the sales price of the item is capped at RMB ¥9.90. These items range from daily necessities to household products and clothing which will definitely be of interest to you, bringing members the most cost effective item choices from Taobao/Tmall.

What is 19.9?

19.9 means that the sales price of the item is capped at RMB ¥19.90. These items are of higher value than the 9.9 range and includes a bigger range of items from daily necessities to household products and clothing. Members can select and browse through the item range and buy through our website to enjoy high rebates.

How to create a Waxa account?

Click "Sign up" at the top right corner, fill in all the required information, read and accept our Terms and Conditions and click the blue "Sign up" button.